Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Alex Orioli and Jacques Briere




Roller Blading skills from Alex Orioli is for showing off, to get Jacques Briere interested in more than reading.  And it works, despite the rather corny pick up line used, but hey, if it works, who cares?

These Bel Ami boys have other talents, than just their fine fit bodies, lovely uncut dicks. Kind of nice to see that, but it is those firm bodies, those nice thick uncut wonders, that I love the most.



Doesn’t take long for these studs to get down to business either. I mean would you waste anytime getting your dick out, with either one of these buff guys waiting to please? Cum on, who wouldn’t be dropping the drawers, and going for the gusto?


uncut men from Bel Ami


Bel Ami knows how to show off their model’s best assets, and those uncut dicks certainly do shine. After all, that and the nice tight holes do make for some bankable assets, least in one’s fantasy land.

Imagine yourself sitting, reading and some buff stud like Alex starts showing off in front of you. I mean do you really think your thoughts are going to turn to what you are reading, or to imagining your hands caressing that nice fit body?  Or your hands grabbing those nice firm butt cheeks

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Rimming may not be everyone’s idea of fun, until you have had some guy twisting and moaning, while your tongue is flicking in and out of his spread apart cheeks. Or you are the lucky son of a bitch on the receiving end. 


tasty pucker hole


Just thinking of getting a rim job from anyone of these guys is enough to get one rather stiff. Course thinking of doing it to either Alex or Jacques is just as arousing. I mean cum on, these guys are the ideal twink, and more than that, they certainly look like they know exactly what buttons to push, to make one’s experience hot.


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