Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

More Circle Jerk Fun

More Circle Jerk Action!


WOOHOO!  Bel Ami has released some more hot pics, from their record setting Jerk Off Party, and you know, it is steaming hot.  Course I love Bel Ami men, for their hard cocks, good looks, and obvious other assets, but this circle jerk party is amazing.


group shot

I'll Take That One, That One, and That One and...

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Just the idea of being in that room, with all that beef, all those uncut dicks, is making me tremble.  I mean cum on, all those hard dicks, the scent of sweaty bodies, the smell of cum in the air, is like nirvana for a gay guy.

sharing the fun

Give A Helping Hand


jerking the other guy's dick

Grab a dick and stroke

Think about it, many of these guys need two hands to stroke their meat. Makes you wonder, just how big are those Bel Ami sausage sticks?  Now think about them trying to set a record, for an ORAL ONLY CIRCLE JERK!

getting off

Keep Those Hands Moving Boys

CLICK for more Uncut Dicks from Bel Ami Boys.


masturbating Bel Ami men

Uncut Cocks Everywhere You Turn

pumping it hard

The First to shoot, or tenth?


So who was first to shoot their spunk?  And when will Bel Ami let us in on all the names of the guys who took part in this spunk festival?  I wonder who got the task of cleaning up afterwards?   ANY VOLUNTEERS?

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hand jobs

Now if this was only a SUCK OFF party

Okay I am nuts, but can you imagine what it would be like, to have twenty seven Bel Ami men, all lined up and each one sucking the guy ahead of them?

Like can you just imagine the sounds, see the heads all going up and down on those big juicy cocks?


group whack off

And they are off, stroking & groaning

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Bel Ami VOD

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