Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

9 Inch Hose Pipe

Taking NINE Inches!


Trevor Yates is undoubtably one of Bel Ami’s most well endowed young talent. He has a dick measuring 23 cm, which in our parliance, is just over 9 inches of uncut meat.


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Not only is it long, but damn that sucker is thick looking too!  And judging by Julien’s expression, it was indeed a thick hunk of unsliced bologna that he took. I mean just looking at how big Julien’s hole was being stretched by it, was enough to make a grown man cry… for not being there to sample it himself!

Lucky Julien Hussey asked for, and got a chance to work with Trevor. In other words, one could assume that Julien enjoys being adventuresome. After all, having your hole stretched by that whopper, is most definately an adventure.



stretching a tight hole

Julien taking Trevors 9 Inches

If you watch the video closely, you can see Julien’s nice tight hole being stretched. HELL, you can hear Julien letting everyone know, that its ripping his hole apart. AND HE IS LOVING IT!

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deep throat an uncut dick


Does Julien have a hinge on his jaw?  HE MUST TO TAKE THAT THICK DICK!

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Trevor Yates has been in several Bel Ami movies, like Graffiti, Some Like It Big 2, just to name a few. AND YOU KNOW the guys who took that one, walked bow legged for a bit afterwards.  Just as Julien Hussey had to, after he took it.  Though look on the upside of it, he did get to not just experience it, but he got to enjoy the fruits of it too, with a mouthful of Trevor Milk.


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