Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Another Casting Couch Charmer

sexy boy in jeans 


When it is Bel Ami, it fucking doesn’t take me long to start thinking of a new story.  It also doesn’t take me long to strip down and pull out my winkie, for a bit of willie whacking (Hey, it’s what the wife calls it) fun. 

I Want to be the Casting Couch 


Bel Ami Online  has provided these images of uncut beauties.


Pavel's ass & dick 


Seriously, if you believe in Re-Incarnation, wouldn’t you want to come back as Bel Ami’s casting couch?   Just think of all those cute, uncut boys sitting on you, stroking their big dicks until they blow a tasty load all over themselves, and you. 


uncut dick 

Pavel's spunk 


They say he is shy, and this is about the only chance we’ll get to see him.  That is really a shame, because he is HOT.   Yeah, his dick is too, and fuck can he blow a load, but for me, I got hard just looking at him sitting there, in a pair of blue jeans. 



Pavel  has been helping you get a stiffy.


I am in the wrong business.  I should be the guy keeping an eye on the casting couch, watching all of the Bel Ami Boys perform, before they become Bel Ami Boys.   Just think of all those who don’t make it, or who are too shy to do more than a one time solo shot?

I’d be taking phone numbers & addresses.


Let Bel Ami Online Add to Your Sexual Fantasy Fun


collage of Pavel's nude pictures 


I am such a pig, I mean I really would like to give a try, at convincing Pavel to not be so shy, and to join the rest of the Bel Ami Boys for some, uh cock exercises.   Can you just imagine him, being sucked off by Josh Elliot? 




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