Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Sucker for Long Haired Twinks

sexy barely legal twink 


naked twink teasing 


teasing with his bare butt 


Damn, I love a twink who loves to have fun, while having sex. I mean who wants a boring boing?

And Frankie is one gorgeous dark haired beauty, who is full of fun. I mean come on, licking up some white cream off his hairless chest & belly?  Like that isn’t fun?  ( Okay, so he’s a tease, but then, doesn’t that just make you want him more? LOL )

Now if he was in my kitchen, or stairway, I’d never get dinner made, or get upstairs. I mean such a sexy boy, with such lovely long hair.  Sort of hides that mischievous look, but it’s there.   


soft uncut cock 


cum on his belly 

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This is a twink you’d want to do, in any room of the house. From the kitchen, to the stairs, to the bathroom, living room, bedroom, den, where ever.  I mean come on, such a sexy look, those eyes and that beautiful uncut penis, why would you not want to get it on with him, 24/7?

Course, being an old fart, maybe you’d need help, but for me, shit, one look of those puppy dog eyes, once quick glance at his foreskin covering the cockhead, and I’d be instantly hard. Hell, I’d walk around with a bottle of lube in one pocket, a box of condoms in the other.

Fuck the cum rag too, because I’d rather lick it off him, almost as much as he seems to enjoy doing that.  Course, if he was mine, he’d not be alone, needing to have a wank. I’d see to that, wouldn’t you? 

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licking his cum coated fingers 

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