Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Not the Most Popular but Damn He Is Sexy

teasing twink 


foreskin covering most of cock head 


nice bare ass cheeks 


Guess the folks at Bel Ami expected more from Liam, but seems us perverts weren’t all that thrilled.  Don’t know why, I mean he certainly gets my motor running a bit hot. 

Like that body is hot. Trim, defined, and the muscles look yummy.  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be wrapped around those arms, or kissing those rippling tummy muscles? I would.

Course, I’d also like to wrap my mouth around that 7 inch uncut dick of his, nibble at the foreskin a bit, before chowing down on the whole pole, but hey, I am a sucker for a nice dick.

Plus, he looks like he’s a nice guy, doesn’t that count for something?  lol  


crouching naked twink 


rear view of hard uncut cock and butt 

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Can’t figure out why he wasn’t a hit with the Bel Ami fans. I mean, what’s not to like about him?

Maybe when he was introduced, something didn’t click?  I mean he’s got a nice ass, hot looking hole, and like most Bel Ami boys, he’s got a lovely penis. ( hey, its the wife’s favorite saying, and it grows on ya.  lol )

He’s got some nice movie credits too, so maybe it’s one of those movie/television type things. You know, how movie actors looked down on television actors, and vice versa?

Course not the case today, but hey, guess we all have some snobbery in us.  Personally, I’d rather have his dick inside.  lol 

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stroking his hard uncut cock 

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