Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Curiosity Got Them Into A Three Way

sucking and being stroked 


cock sucking 


ass pounding and cock slurping 


To live in the land of Bel Ami would have to be Heaven.  I mean to walk down the street, see a hot guy in his balcony, drop your friend’s pants to show off his semi hard uncut dick, and in response…   the guy on the balcony drops his jeans, to show off a thick uncut cock.

I mean no words necessary, you just got hooked up with a muscle stud, for some three way fucking. Like can it get any better than that?

Only Bel Ami can bring this kind of fantasy to life. Honestly, I mean they have such hot looking guys, most with above average sized uncut penises,  that you automatically bring the lube & cum rag with you, to watch. 


blowing his load 


shooting his cum 

Got Your Dick In Your Hand Yet?

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Uncut Cocks from Bel Ami Online   



Three guys, three lovely uncut cocks, and SIX beautiful cum shots.  If you are a fan of cum ( and like who isn’t? )  this threesome has some added meaning for you.

Gotta say, seeing the cum spurting like that, gets my hand pumping faster. 

Watching the cum landing on that beautiful face, well, I need to get some windex and clean up the monitor.  It really is a treat, to watch these kind of videos, to see the lovely detail in the photos. 

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milking his cock  

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