Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

He Looks Like A Ted

Bel Ami boy Ted Ruskin 


hanging low with limp uncut cock 


doing push ups naked 


Sometimes, the name chosen for a porn model, just suits him. I mean like Ted here.

His slightly buzzed cut hair, full face and thick body, just sort of suits the name “Ted”, don’t you think?

Mind you, he reminds me more of some college jock. Perhaps a fullback or even a strong safety.  It is the eyes, that perhaps you’d see in the face of a strong or free safety. I mean he has the body for playing football ( what we call football in North America that is ).

Course, he could be a rugby player, with that build.  Still, I see him on a defensive line, knocking a receiver down, just as he catches a Hail Mary pass from the QB.    


showing off his balls and ass cheeks 


Standing up with a hard on 

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Kind of like seeing the before and after. I mean of his penis.

Something about seeing a soft cock, resting on the side, nestled in the pubic hairs, that kind of kicks starts things. I mean, come on, not everyone walks around with a hard on or gets a stiffy soon as they drop their drawers.   Hell, not even me.  LOL

Depending on the angle too, it can look smaller than it is. I mean his body is rather full, not fat, but solid.  Kind of makes even an above average cock look tiny.  Don’t you think? 

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