Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

He has been practising

tasty man sausages 


grabbing hold of a stiff cock 


taking a big cock in his mouth 


Have to say, if you look at some of the photographs, and video, Brent S is not what I’d label as lovely.  Makes me wonder if Blake is a bit old in the tooth these days, or maybe its the air over there in Blighty.

Still, those uncut dicks are damn lovely.  lol

Hey, I do love a nice thick piece of meat, and it seems that Mister Brent S has been practising on how to really do a guy. ( hey, its what Blake said, sort of .

And guess Kai is a perfect choice to have Brent do the nasty with a guy, given what a pig he is for a big uncut dick slicing into his hungry hole.  ( in other words, he’s a bottom who loves big dicks )


stuffing his mouth with a big thick cock 


hard anal penetration 

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You have to agree, Brent does know how to drive his dick in all the way. I’ve seen a few guys who could really penetrate that ass, but damn, this guy does it so well, from so many different positions, that you’d think he’d been fucking guys since a wee bairn.  LOL

In other words, he fucks nice and hard.  Some do like that.

Course, the two of them do seem to be a good fit. Both are lean, have nice uncut cocks, and like to decorate their bodies with tattoos. One likes to fuck hard, the other likes to take it hard. Both love to suck dick, so I guess in this case it is a win win situation for them both.

Can’t ask for more than that, can you? 

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