Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Now He Is One Sexy Little B**

dressed or naked he's handsome 


Muscled young hunk 


reclining to show off his hot nude body 


As the other half says, he is one sexy beautiful boy.  Harris is definately that, & a whole lot more. I mean he is blond, blue eyed, has a tasty looking uncut dick that is over 7 inches long. Plus, it is a thick sucker ( you just know it’ll fill your ass perfectly ).

Add into that, his look and you have to be ready to bust a nut.

I know I sure as fuck am, just from staring at his handsome face. The way his eyes seem to just peer inside of you, makes me rather tingly all over. Has me reaching for my cum rag.

How about you? 

holding the foreskin 


showing off his muscled naked body  

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They say that Harris is a stubborn headstrong blond. He knows what he wants, and he does what it takes to get it.   Now if only that was me, I’d not put up a struggle, would you?

He certainly has that special quality, that makes me drool and drip buckets of precum. A hard body, standing at just over six foot, with a face that can go from a sweet innocent gaze, to a hard piercing ‘fuck me’ glare.

His thin lips, muscled body, and that hard uncut dick, has me doing more than just talking about him. I mean, this is a definate dream maker. I can barely wait to hit the sack, to dream & fantasize about this latest stud muffin.

I think, no, I know, that Harris is just one example of why I am so enamored by Bel Ami. George & his talent scouts seem to find the perfect twinks, that entice & do a lot more than just get me hard. I wanna cum, while I watch them pose, see them touch themselves.

This is what Porn Fantasies are made of…  hot sexy beautiful boys like Harris

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a fit pucker hole and hard uncut dick 

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