Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

New Site Featuring Foreskin

appreciating the foreskin


cockhead fully covered by foreskin


holding a nice throbbing one


This guy knows his foreskin, but more importantly, he knows how to photograph it. I mean come on, no having to guess what the cock looks like with all that foreskin drooped over the head.

He shows the soft cock, before it gets all taut. In other words, it is about the lovely foreskin, in all shapes & sizes.

A more appreciative look at the uncut penis, don’t you think?  More provocative, if you ask me. ( assuming you can stop drooling over those lovely dicks )


beautiful young man


admiring his beautiful penis

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A growing site, that is gonna keep all fans of foreskin happy for a long time. I mean this guys knows foreskin.  It just isn’t about muscled men, or young guys, but is instead focused on that one tasty morsel…   the foreskin.

It is more erotic, to see the cock soft, the foreskin drooped over the cockhead, that seeing it suddenly rock hard.  Least if you like the foreskin.  It gets you anticipating what is hidden under that piece of flesh, at how big it will finally get.

Those are the things that help get my own pecker stiff, and hey, who says you have to cum in thirty seconds or less?  I prefer to take my time, coming close as many times as possible.

After all, that what makes for a good jack off session.

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enjoying the natural beauty of the foreskin

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