Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Straight Bad Boy for the right Price

hanging uncut dick


Calvin has that bad boy look to him, and he knows it.

Straight and 21, this hunk is willing to allow you the pleasure of touching him, of tasting his uncut beauty, IF you got the right amount of cash.

He loves to make you squirm, as he isn’t into guys, but he is into making some extra cash. With that long hair, that finely tuned body, he isn’t a cheap date either.


Suck it if you can afford it


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Uncut Cocks from Fantastic Foreskin


expensive uncut cock


He knows how to work that long smooth foreskin of his, to the point where you just can’t hold back. I mean just look at him, at the look he gives.

Like that wouldn’t get you reaching for your wallet? Sure as fuck got me reaching back… until I realized I only had to join the site, to see more of him.

Hell of a lot cheaper than the real thing.  Not as good, of course, but hey, can you imagine what he would cost, once you factored in air fare to ‘frisco, hotel, food, and then his fee?


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Fantastic foreskin hottie

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