Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

A Foreskin Exam

where is that cock head hiding


Just how much will it stretch?


Giving himself a wank


Kieron is a bit of a braggard.

He claims to be ‘well endowed’ in the foreskin department, so naturally you just know that claim had to be put to the test.

Like if that isn’t an opening line for some hands on experience, to make absolutely certain that he wasn’t just giving a line.

Course, I’d want that job, but hey, least I get to enjoy the results of the in depth exam, to see if that claim is for real or not.


a nice bit of man flesh


Slowly tightenng the foreskin

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pulling Kieron's foreskin


Somehow, I don’t think he was boasting, he truly is well endowed with lots of lovely foreskin.

More than that, he loves to enjoy playing with his froeskin, or having someone help him play with all that tasty flesh.

Anyone want to volunteer?  LOL

Know what else he is good at? Kieron can sure blow a load of hot cum. Honestly, he really can shoot a fair bit, but you have to see how he gets to that point. I mean this guy grabs his dick and really gives his foreskin a workout, while the cock gets rock hard.

Hell, you’d think he was gonna rip off all that lovely skin, the way he grabs hold and yanks it up and over, and just keeps on pounding his dick.

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