Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Forget the Glasses, Check Out that Foreskin

covering his cock head 


up close with his foreskin 


sexy porn model Ethan 


Foreskin isn’t just for protecting the penis, but for adding to a guy’s foreplay fun.  Hey, come on, who doesn’t like playing with that loose fold of skin, watching that pink cock head slowly get pushed up and out?

Hey, just think of the fun as you poke your own finger in, and rub, lightly, over that sensitive cock head.

Tell me your partner isn’t squirming a bit, moaning a bit louder, as you stroke that head, while its still buried in that lovely fold of skin?   Come on…  tell me that doesn’t get you hot. 


sex jerk off toy 


Ethans first jerk off with a fleshjack 

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collection of naked images of Ethan 


Not enough photos show the foreskin, or how much bloody fun a guy can have with it.  Now this site does, and you know, it kind of takes it a step further.

Like a Porn Star who hasn’t used a Fleshjack yet?   Hey, not that common I guess, but it is kind of fun watching a guy try something for the first time.

Now if it was watching another hottie, playing with his first uncut cock, that would be worth the price of admission, don’t you think?

As for Ethan Roberts, well, he’s a bit thin like a twink generally looks, but the unshaved whiskers, the glasses, kind of don’t leave me hot.  Now that is me, I hate whisker burn, and I do enjoy smooching, so there ya go.

On the other hand, he does have lovely foreskin, which makes for some good foreplay, and hell, it may not be super sized, but still, its a nice uncut willie.   I can manage with that, how about you? 

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