Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Mark Dalton Goes Hunting, Bel Ami style

sexy newcomers Sam & Mark 


licking that firm nipple 


licking his uncut cock 


What can you say, other than YIPPEE !

Bel Ami has added another duo to its all star lineup, which suits me just fine.

First off, there is Mark Dalton who has quite a nice beefy uncut dick, and for this episode, they paired him up with newcomer Sam Hunting.  ( now did you get the play on word in the title? lol

Don’t go shooting me now, but somehow I missed their solo appearances, so you can bet I was surprised by this one. And I do have to admit, that Mark does indeed have a nice beefy looking dick.

Wouldn’t mind having that piece of Grade A cock to play with, wouldn’t you?


driving his beefy cock in 


ass stuffing Bel Ami style 

Got Your Dick In Your Hand Yet?

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When you see Mark’s cock in the video, vs the photos, you realize just how thick that sucker really is. Man, that would rip me a new one, or at least feel like it.

Still, you gotta marvel at how those two just seem to be a perfect fit for each other. The way that tongue gets worked in the tasty little pucker hole, the gentle way he pushes his finger in, to get him all ready for that cock.

And come on, we all know that no one does the video better than the camera jockeys from Bel Ami. The shots are unreal, and you can see that muscles quivering, as that pole gets jammed inside.

Then too, that cock sucking. I mean my jaw would hurt if I sucked that hard, or was that horny. I mean geez, he sure does like cock, or so it seems.

Which really helps make the whole fantasy more, well, enjoyable. 

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nude photo collage of Mark & Sam 

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