Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Enjoying the Sun, the Pool, and His Foreskin

uncut willie under a waterfall

I'd service that uncut dick

I don’t which of the two photographs above, are more enticing.  I mean fuck, that one under the cascading water, is well, got me glassy eyed.

And the humor of the one with the sign on his cock, I mean come on, that has to bring a bit of a chuckle to you, not to mention a bit of licking of the lips.  Like that is one nice looking uncut cock, don’t you think?

I am not a fan of Kieron, as far as looks go.  Like I like hair on the head and I am not exactly fond of a hairy chest, but damn, I am taken by that lovely uncut dick of his, and the way he can stretch the foreskin. 

playing with his foreskin

Feeling Horny?

Did  Kieron  get you excited?

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Uncut Cocks from Fantastic Foreskin   

[Guess What I Didn’t Get?]

Eh, what can I say but I’ll plead old age. lol

Okay truth is, I just haven’t figured out how to get a Quicktime video clip to show on this blasted website, but fuck, the pictures are damn hot, and well, hey, I am old, blond, and a wee bit lazy.   Shoot Me (lol)

Now you gotta admit, Kieron certainly puts on a bit of a show, and that grimace.  Like uh, I enjoy a nice wank, but I don’t know if my face gets that scrunged up, or looking like I am in a whole lot of pain.  

And fuck, I wish had a pool like that. I mean to have a hottie under the falling water, in just a nice soaked t-shirt, his cock sticking out and hard.  I’d have prune like skin, from being in the water all the time, chasing the hotties around.

Like fucking hell, those photos have me dreaming a hundred different ones, all around enjoying a nice bit of fun stretching foreskin, spreading a pair of nice ass cheeks, and well, you get the idea…    don’t you?  

lovely uncut penis image collection

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bustin a nut poolside

hot jerk off photograph

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