Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Sexy? Perhaps Hung? Oh Yeah

Xavier's big thick uncut dick


Are you drooling yet?  I fucking am!

I can look, but ain’t touching. My jaw just won’t open that wide, nor will I spread my legs that far apart, but hey, bet you Size Queens can handle Xavier’s fat cock without a problem.

IF not, well hell practise makes perfect, but I hear he’s got himself a boyfriend.  ( Damn, that sucks, don’t it? )

They ‘bill’ him as being a sexy young twink, but to be honest, he’s just not my type. I mean I am more into the more muscular type of twink, with a bit more meat to his body, though Xavier isn’t exactly skin and bones.

He does have one fucking nice uncut cock though. I mean look at that foreskin, drooping over the top of his penis, and shit, look at the size of it. 


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Personally, I like a more ‘butch’ type of guy, but fuck, if my tastes were for big dicks, then he’d be right in the hunt for top choice.

After all, he isn’t bad looking, especially when he doesn’t have the glasses on.

Not thrilled with the body piercings, but hey, it is his giant sized uncut penis that has my mouth ajar, and the drool dripping out of  the corners of my lips.

Can you just imagine yourself with that fat cock throbbing down in your throat, and you feel it reaching that final point.  I mean talk about taking a load, if size of cock is any indication. I’d be drowning in all that cum.

Course, I’d have been gagging way before that moment, but hey, I do not too badly. 


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