Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Gabriel and his wrapped burrito

lovely uncut penis

You have to love the photography of Robert Chalmers.

I mean look at that lovely uncut penis, at the drooping foreskin over the cock head. I mean you can see the wrinkles in the skin, as it droops, just at the bottom of that cock.

Can’t you just see yourself licking your lips, as you stare at that?  Then imagine how it must feel, to know that you can perhaps touch it, and see just how far it’ll stretch.

And all from one photograph too.   Now that is making a picture count, don’t you think? 

nude picture collection

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Uncut Cocks from Fantastic Foreskin   

stretching his foreskin

You know, it looks like the top of a volcano, ready to erupt.  Just look at all that foreskin gathered by the head, the way each fold is so clealry shown.

Check out how the veins are hidden, but just barely peekng through the folds of foreskin. I mean geez, that has me drooling, wondering just what that cock is gonna do, after a few quick hard strokes.

I’ll admit, Gabriel is bit hairier than I like, but he is a good looking young Latino.  He’s got a sort of rugged look to him, and that tat doesn’t do much for me, but fuck, that cock sure as hell does.

I think I’ll have a nice fat Burrito tonight, and imagine…  well none of your business LOL 

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nude photo collage

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