Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Kieron and Ethan in Paradise or Not

So the latest release from Fantastic Foreskin, features Kieron and Ethan. Not my favorites but hey, supposedly they are everyone else’s.  In a weird way, there are a couple of photos, that kind of tug at the old imagination, but not what I’d call an overwhelming tug.


I have to admit, that does kind of make me think of a few things. Course, the setting is kind of the star, for tweaking the old brain matter, but the two limp uncut cocks kind of help it along too.  Not sure the hairy legs, or the unshaved look, or even the bald plate do much for me.


Now this picture, well, come on use your imagination here.  I wouldn’t mind licking a penis like that one either, but again, I have to admit, the scenery does more for me.  Course the one problem I have with this latest update, is the lack of foreskin being shown off.

If you look at the other releases, you’ll see loads more foreskin, and hey, isn’t that what this site is about?  Okay, I suppose not every picture HAS to have a close up of some tasty hoods, but one or two should be mandatory.

Despite that, the photography is still top notch. That counts a lot these days, when you think of the cost of joining any paysite.  Guess I am either greedy or plain spoiled, by the earlier updates.

Still, if you like the whole package, and want to check out the full photo sets and videos, well I don’t expect anyone to be disappointed in there not being enough foreskin being shown off.

Like come on, Kieron loves pulling on his, and like Ethan is any different? lol

Check out the Full Tour of Fantastic Foreskin


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