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There is Long, Then there is Bobby Long

I’ve always wanted to use that line, and it does kind of fit. I mean Bobby Long isn’t exactly tiny, in the penis department, now is he? lol ( Bobby is the one with the tattoo across his chest, his buddy is Luda Wayne )


Supposedly these two are best of friends, and well, were a bit hesitant to actually get it on together, for fear of ruining their friendship.  Uh, like how does sex ruin a friendship? What one of them may not perform well?  Like that matters between friends?

Whatever the reason, the folks at Videoboys says it was one hot fuck session, but after glancing through the photos, I have to wonder.  I mean YES, they are two popular porn guys, nice cocks too, but uh, for best friends, what’s with the looking at porn to keep it up, and be able to perform?


Either they both are playing to the camera, which really isn’t what I’d call professional, or they are staring at some porn on a screen in front of them.  Now maybe I am just cranky, or something, but I want to think of these two are being into each other.

Surely that should be enough to get those lovely cocks nice and stiff, ready for sucking and fucking, or so you’d think.

I mean come on, look at the size of those dicks, so is that from them staring at some porn, or at the camera? Like what, the camera dude is super hot?

And yet, there are some good shots too, that sort of make up for the posing bullshit, or whatever it is.

Like the pain Luda shows when Bobby is ramming his thick piece of meat into that oh so tasty ass.


Now that is what I like to see.  A hot stud getting his tight hole penetrated, and it hurting a bit. I mean that is real.  Getting a nice thick cock shoved up your ass hurts at first, before it starts to feel good, as he stretches those muscles inside, makes them loose, so he can drive that hard pole in as far as possible.

That’s Sex.

Course the anticipation is good too. I mean come on, when he’s sitting above you, about to slide his dick down between your butt cheeks, you aren’t gonna be staring off to the screen or somewhere, you are gonna be looking into his eyes, making a connection.


See, those are the pictures that kind of get me horny, make me want to see more. The way Luda has his eyes on Bobby, how that thick dick is poised ready to slide down and between those spread apart cheeks.  That’s the stuff dreams are made of, don’t you think?


Click to See More of Bobby & Luda at Videoboys Now

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