Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Anyone for a Polish Sausage


Question is, are those big hands hiding a big cock, or are they just ordinary sized paws, hiding an ordinary dick?

I mean think about it, is he playing hard to get, or is he just bashful?

Looking into his eyes, I’d say he’s teasing, and no, those aren’t ordinary hands, hiding an ordinary cock. But I cheated, I seen the other photographs of Marcus Damon from Fantastic Foreskin. ( Naughty bitch, ain’t i? lol )

Ever seen a Torpedo ?


I mean that’s one fat looking hunk of meat, don’t you think?

It certainly does remind me of a torpedo, because of the thickness, and how fucking deadly it looks. I mean come on, imagine that thing fully erect, slicing into your nether regions? I mean you’d be walking bowlegged for days, if not weeks.

Can you imagine how much blood it takes to get that tasty uncut cock erect, ready for action? No wonder he’s laying down, bet he gets light headed during an erection. lol


Top Left, now tell me that isn’t reminding you of a deadly torpedo from one of them war movies we’ve all seen? 

How about bottom right?  All that lovely spent milk, and still, that fucker is looking awfully deadly to me.

They eyes are rather intense, too. ( bottom left )

Kind of makes you think he’s looking right through you, or right into your mind, reading your lustful thoughts. Sort of adds to the aura, don’t you think?



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