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Paint Ball Soldiers Victory Party

paint ball victors grope each other


Came across this update, and I thought, fuck, how did I miss Jan Tierson?

Like was I off in some outer space world or something? He’s gorgeous, and has that certain look, that gets my mouth watering.

After all, he is a Bel Ami boy.

And damn, I love the paint ball get up. All that butch look with those weird looking guns, just adds to my naughty thoughts.

Never tried Paint Ball, but shit, if that is the way one celebrates victory, or whatever, I am up for a few games.  Like who wouldn’t want to give it a go, if you can go off to some secluded spot, with a hottie like Colin or Yan?

Go on, tell me you wouldn’t don the garb, and take those paint ball hits, in order to get into some cabin, or lean to, and play with your partner?  I mean shit, just the idea of undressing him, of taking that hard uncut cock out and…    well you get the idea LOL 


taste of victory


butt pounding

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successful battle spoils



Me Like Yan.

Me like how he kisses, how he strokes his dick, how he cums.

Get the idea? LOL

Sorry, but he is a hottie, and in those outfits, both he & Colin have me wanting to play soldier boy too. I mean hell, if that’s the price of victory, I’ll be damn sure to stack the cards in my favor. 

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