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Hung Andre and Ariel without Condoms



Yep, I do like these Kinky Angels from Bel Ami.  The NEW BREED are certainly carrying on the tradition of Bel Ami boys.   Like one of my favorites, Andre Boleyn.

He’s got such a nice look to him, to go with that sexy body and oh so lovely uncut monster dick of his. Like that is really one precious and tasty looking cock, don’t you agree? 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ariel too, but Andre, well Andre simply has the look that gets me super heated up.  Like just seeing him, even dressed, has me wanting to go grab the lube and take a break to bust a nut.

Kevin Warhol is another of those that does that to me, but it seems that Bel Ami is getting a lot more hotties, for me to drool over.

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The way Bel Ami photographs the sex, is something I wish other sites would do. Course, most of them simply don’t have the quality talent, that Bel Ami does. I mean while Bel Ami has a whole slew of sexy uncut young men, you can’t say that for other sites.

Sure they have one or two, but come on, how many cuties can you name from Bel Ami?

I can name several, like Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Yan Tierson, Harris Hilton, and well, you get the picture.

Photography aside, I love how Andre ( and the other Bel Ami boys ) get into the sex. I mean they don’t look bored. I’ve said it before, but these sexy guys actually seem to enjoy performing with each other, and damn, that makes for some fucking good fantasy dreams for me.

And honestly, isn’t that what a good porn site is supposed to do? To help us get off, by making us think we are part of that, or even just being there, watching all the hot rimming, sucking, and fucking? 


enjoying his jizz

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