Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Can He Come Sit On My Couch


I’ll buy a leather couch if that’ll help get him to come over for a little visit.

Hell, wouldn’t you?

Josh is certainly a hot looking blond, and damn, that basket looks awfully inviting too. I mean that little treasure trail, and that nice little bulge down near the seat cushion.

Tell me again, why is porn bad for you?  lol

Just from that pose, I bet he’s got a nice uncut cock stuffed under those grey undies.  Any takers?


Oh sure, he’s a tease too?  Fuck, I am gonna go nuts waiting for his uncut willie to pop out.




Fuck, what a beauty of a cock that is. So full and thick, all those lovely veins, and let us not forget the foreskin.  I mean there is enough to keep a foreskin fetish fan happy for a few hours, don’t you think?

Nice looking feet too, but back to that gorgeous penis. 

Who wouldn’t enjoy chowing down on something that size?  Course myself, I’d rather be bending over, to have him give it to me where I can truly enjoy it.  Naturally I’d want to enjoy tasting it in my mouth first, but hey, a guy can’t wait forever, now can he?

Josh is from Boy Fun, so if you want to see more of him, well, gee, guess what?

You’ll Need to Click Here to Go to Boy Fun.

( just so you know, they aren’t all uncut over at Boy Fun, but damn, they do have some awfully fine uncut ones, none the less.  Just like Josh Frey here. )

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