Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Lets Play Ball with his please

ruby player and his foreskin


Ya know, screw with playing ball, let’s just get down on the knees and worship at the Shrine of Uncut Penis.  

Hey, so I am in a goofy mood, who cares as long as there is a nice tasty uncut cock in the offerring, right?

picture collection of hooded penises


Okay so he’s no twink, but damn he is well built, and hung too. I mean look at that tasty piece of meat he’s got dangling between those well developed thighs. 

Tell me you wouldn’t want Miko Proctor standing in front of you, while you drop to the knees?

Miko does have a nice dusting of hair on his torso too, and damn those pecs are tasty looking. Bet you wouldn’t mind burying your head in those.

But fuck, look at those thighs on him. Can you imagine the power there? How it would feel to have them push forward in a quick hard jab, while his cock is nestled between your butt cheeks?

Would you scream, or would all the air in your lungs simply explode out, as that tasty uncut penis was rammed all the way in, in just one quick thrust?

pulling the foreskin back


Talk about a perfect picture.  Like what words are there, to describe that shot?


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