Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Watch Those Scissors

getting his curlies trimmed

Like I know some guys are neat freaks about their hair, but uh, I think I’ll keep my pubes the way they are. Ain’t no one, I mean NO ONE, getting close to my family jewels with a pair of sharp cutting tools.

But damn, look at that sausage!

soft uncut cock

semi hard uncut dick

You know, that’s pretty good service for a Hotel, don’t you think?

Wonder if they have some hot looking guys who’ll drop in and uh, well, trim those nasty little pubes out of the way?  ( not like I’d let ‘em, but hell, if they are cute enough… )

Up to seeing more?

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shirtless hot guy

I do love a sexy man in an open shirt, don’t you?

Besides, it’s his uncut penis we have been drooling over. lol

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