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These Blonds Make My Day TERRIFFIC

Other than Johan, I think Josh Elliot was one of the first Bel Ami hunks that truly got me hooked on Bel Ami boys.  It wasn’t just that he was blond, or had a nice big thick uncut dick, but was how he was on camera. 

It was like he was always having fun.

belami boys kissing

Then Luke Hamill burst on the scene, and you know, I was totally hooked.  Like just where were all these sexy studs coming from?  More than that, they sure knew how to show off the goodies.

making out on the bed


Now Bel Ami has released a pin up series with both of these heart throbs.  Can we say COCK HEAVEN?  LOL   Honestly, these two are sensational, and the photography that shows every precious detail is, well fabulous.

Yeah I know, I rant about Bel Ami a lot, but fuck, it is because they do show you every glorious detail.  Plus, they do have some of the sexiest studs around.

Tell me Josh & Luke aren’t making you drool, just a little?

uncut dick penetration

What I admire, is these guys like to play around, add a bit of humor into their love making, and sometimes, well the acrobatics are stunning.

Wouldn’t you like a rim job like this one?

acrobatic tongue fucking

I’d drop him. I mean I love being rimmed, and hell, if I had one of them doing that, fuck no way could I keep my arms up and my ass up in the air like that.  I’d be too fucking busy moaning and groaning in absolute pleasure.

Like you wouldn’t as well?

Click Here for More Bel Ami Boy Acrobatics

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