Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

He Ain’t No Kevin Warhol

possible Kevin Warhol look alike

Though he certainly has that similar look, don’t ya think? 

The tattoo on the neck, that face and look, sort of reminds me of Kevin, and he does have one very nice uncut penis.  Least it looks awfully nice.

drooping foreskin

Don’t you love how the foreskin simply falls down?  I mean get up close to the screen and take a good look.  See how its falling down, covering his precious cock head?

And talk about low hanging balls. Fuck man, them eggs must be made of lead, the way they are pulling his sac down.

soft uncut cock

Funny how the eyes can play tricks. I mean in some photographs, Richard here reminds me of Kevin, and yet in others there seems to be zip in resemblance.

I’d have to say, Kevin is bigger and his body is more defined too.  Now Richard, well he’s got a few looks, that have me putting him in my ‘night time dream’ list.  Not sure I’d add him to my ‘daydream’ list, but that cock of his…  Well it does lend itself to some interesting thoughts.

His tushie ain’t bad either, but I think I’d enjoy the feel of his hard thick cock, than me poking his butt.

fleshy butt cheeks

To be honest, I think Richard will be a one night stand, in the list of my night time dream fantasies.  Despite a few looks, and a nice fat uncut cock, the other looks just don’t do much for my noggin. 

Maybe I was spoiled by Jesse? lol

erect penis

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