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Speaking of Kevin Warhol

Kevin Warhol and his impish grin


Vintage Kevin, I’d say.

I mean check out the way he is looking at the camera. He even has Sean grinning and trying his hand at having a sort of devilish grin. A hint of naughty things to come, or so it seems to me, but hey, I am biased…  remember? LOL

 Admit it, he’s the type of guy that just makes sex FUN!

The way he attacks the crotch, reaches in to grab the dick and get his lips around it, is the way we’d all like our partners to act. I know I do, and I am more conservative in nature. Yet, with a guy like Kevin, there is no such thing as Conservative, or VANILLA.

Plus, he brings out the best in his partners. The way he’s got Sean flipping around, moaning when he gets his ass drilled Kevin Style, is vintage Kevin Warhol.

sexy Bel Ami boys


Other than being a total sex pig, it seems that Kevin loves to blow his wad in his partner’s butt cheeks.  




IF you like Kevin as much as I do, why not check out My Kevin Warhol Fan Page here?

Want More of Kevin Warhol & Sean Berrett?

Click Here for their Not So Secret Online Haunt


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