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Always a Special Event When These 3 Are Together

I kind of think that Julian Hussey is a sex pig.  Honestly, I think he loves being in the middle of a threesome, foursome, or orgy, as long as he’s the guy getting stuffed.

Bel Ami trio in Greece

Now I’d have booked a ticket to that special event in Mykonos, if I’d only have known before now.  I mean come on, a chance to see Julian Hussey, Kris Evans, and Florian Nemec together?  

Like you’d want to miss that?

bedroom fun

two rimming one

Damn, now that I’d like to have seen first hand.

A double rimming by two hot tops. No wonder Julian likes being the center of attention, when you can get two hot mouths licking at your pucker hole.

Talk about being in Sex Heaven…  that has to be one spine tingling experience.  ( Hey, I love being rimmed, it is almost as good as being fucked )

I know, 2 videos, but hey, this is a two part release, so what can a guy do?  ( as if you will complain   lol )

 See the Entire Video Here

cock worship

 The real special event I think, happened in the bedroom where these hunks were staying in.  I mean could any live event be any sexier, or more entertaining?

Just the idea of having two hot guys both sucking on my cock, at the same time, is almost too much for my heart. I mean I think I am hyperventilating, just thinking about it.

foot sex

Hell they even get into some foot fetish fun.

Like come on, this is killing me already.  I want to be one of them, to be the lucky stiff in the middle.

Just the idea of being with them, in such a gorgeous locale, is mind boggling. Hell, I’ll be dreaming about this for a few nights.  ( I hate that, because it means lots of wet dreams, which means more frigging laundry to do.  LOL  )

double cum

I gotta go jerk off

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