Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Don’t Ignore a Guy’s Kahuna’s

Damn, you have to love a good fuck, right?

All that cum, spurting out all over and I don’t know, it just sort of gets a guy in the mood for a bit of his own fun, don’t ya think?

If you ain’t part of Bel Ami, Think About it. 

Like who wants to miss out on that kind of hard raw sex?

Come On, You Know You Want to Join

ball tasting

Just how much attention do you pay to your partner’s balls, when you two are getting it on? Seriously, do you include some good ball action in your fun ‘n games?

Was talking about that, with a bud, and ya know, he agrees. We don’t pay enough attention to our partner’s Kahunas when we are fucking.  Sure it can be a bit leathery on the outside, but damn, a nice bit of tongue action kind of feels good.   Hey, don’t forget sucking it too. Like that can really get the old motor into high gear.

Better yet, a good bit of ball sucking and licking, while stroking that big uncut dick, can ease you right into some hot butt action.

ass licking

And we all know where some good tongue fucking leads to, don’t we?

Come on, sex is all about pleasure so why not make sure your sex life is filled with some honest hot pleasure?  Sucking those balls, then working your way down his crack, to that sweet pucker hole, is gonna make him super horny ( if he isn’t already ) and well…  you do like cum, right?

blowing his load

Phillipe Gaudin & Gaelan Binoche certainly know how to please each other.

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