Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Hairy but such lovely foreskin

uncut penis

Don’t you just start to drool, when you see a nice soft pink cockhead, surrounded by curls of skin? 

Honestly, doesn’t it give you a bit of hitch in your heart, knowing that you can do more than just suck on a throbbing cock?  After all, isn’t it the chase that makes the hunt such fun? lol

Bonus time too, as Robert Chandler gets in on the action, instead of just being the lucky stiff filming all that beautiful foreskin.  I mean talk about a job made in heaven, right?

Like how the fuck can you keep your pecker in your pants, with some of the guys he films? Just seeing all that lovely foreskin, smelling the odor of a hot cock as it permeates the room, under the hot lights, has to drive a guy nuts.   ( Bet he busts a nut more than once or twice a day  lol )

Personally, Hylas Montgomery, isn’t my typical hottie. I am not really into guys with a ton of body hair, and all that.  Now some guys get turned on by it, but I am more of a smooth twink type of pervert. LOL

Gotta admit though, he is rather handsome looking. Certainly not what you’d call adorable, or cute, but he is only nineteen.  Like what is happening with twinks these days, because you know I’d never guess he was just barely legal.  I’d swear he was in his mid twenties. ( Maybe I need glasses? LOL )

Hair and age aside, its that lovely uncut dick that has me slotting him into an opening for a wet dream fantasyHow about you?

stroking his penis

playing with his hood

uncut cock

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