Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

I do love a good Pin Up collection

sexy Bel Ami boy Jack Harrer

Back when I was a teenager, I loved those posters you’d get in the various fan magazines. Hell you still can I think, but damn, I ain’t spending $6 or more for one or two posters.  Certainly not when I can blow up a picture from my collection of sexy guys, like Jack Harrer.

Jack Harrer up close

I know it sounds old fashioned, but can you imagine having something like that one up on your wall, so that when you open your eyes in the morning, that beautiful blond greets you with those sensual eyes?   

I don’t like his taste in ear rings, and to be honest, it seems most of the Bel Ami boys have opted for those kind.  Hell you see many twinks wearing them, but I much rather gaze at those nice ears, that lovely face, without that kind of distraction.

sexy pose against tree

Admit it, Bel Ami knows how to make a guy’s mouth water, by a simple photograph and a nice surrounding.  Like the flowers and open shirt only help direct my attention to that hanging uncut penis, and the foreskin drooping over the cockhead.

Yes, that does get me horny, which is kind of what it’s supposed to do, isn’t it? LOL

uncut penis

Where to focus my eyes?   Like at his face, or that massive moisture missile of his, all poised and ready to enter someone’s dark tight hole, or that puckering hole of his.   So many choices, such decisions, that it can make for a very lengthy jerk off session.

Perhaps, instead of just one hot time whacking off to Jack, one could split it up into several delicious night time wet dreams?  ( come on, wet dreams are fun, even if a bit, well messy cum the morning.  lol  )

The beauty of the computer age, and the advances in printers, is one can print out some hot looking pictures, blown up and then go get them sealed in plastic.   Hey, my cum shoots and I dunno, but waking up to that kind of picture, you know my morning wood is gonna be aimed right at that tasty looking pucker hole, while memories of him jacking off fill my still sleep coated brain.

Get Your Own Wet Dreams @Bel Ami Online

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