Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Lean, Unshaved, and Uncut


No, not what I typically find attractive, or mention here, but damn, he’s got that sort of rough look that somehow captures my imagination.   His name is Matt and well, damn just look at that body, that hint of what is behind those faded blue jeans.  

Tell me that doesn’t sort of get you licking your chops, wondering just what he’ll pull out of his pants?

You can tell he’s in shape, and not from some gym routine either. This is an outdoors type of guy ( actually he’s a lifeguard ) that you just want to be with, when the stars come out at night, and the moon is rising up over the horizon.


Now honestly, that is a nice ass, damn fine hairy legs, and frankly a very yummy looking uncut cock. And it seems like Matt enjoys playing with his foreskin too, which is a bonus.

( UK Naked Men has many Uncut Men, but is not exclusively Uncut )

Like some guys actually don’t care for others playing with their foreskin, which is perplexing, but hey, Matt ain’t one of those.  And while he has a tattoo, its not what I’d call one of those in your face kind, or typical either.  Another huge plus, that has me drooling a little more than normal.

You have love a guy who can exude such sex appeal.  I don’t why so many are into the unshaven look, but on Matt, well maybe I kind of get it.  It just makes him seem so rugged, so masculine, that you can’t help but feel an attraction.


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