Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Hairy Legs but Such a Nice Penis


Now this nineteen year old hottie has what I’d call a lovely looking sausage.  Honestly, check out that tube he’s got between the legs.  That lovely foreskin hiding what you just know is gonna be a beautiful cockhead.

Plus, he’s got a rather nice dusting of hair all over those firm legs.  I mean pretty good for a 19 year old, wouldn’t you say?

Funny too, how certain camera angles can change how a guy looks. I mean there are a few pictures that just, well do nothing for me, then there are others that make me wish he was on my sofa, showing off that tasty uncut dick.

Kind of makes you look closer at the photographs, to see what you may have missed.  Like the one where he is soft, and all that lovely foreskin is drooping over his cockhead.  I mean he’s got 7 inches of tasty cock, and yet it sort of hides just how thick his cock gets too.


Nice little bush too, all natural and untrimmed.  Kind of like that, makes sucking more enjoyable. I mean you just gotta enjoy burying your nose into that musky hair, and soft belly.  Least I do.

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Category: UK Amateurs

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