Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

You Can Look But No Touchy Feely

naked stud

and that is a damn shame.  I wanna touch and feel and well…  you know what I want, ‘cuz I bet it is what you want too.  LOL

Gianni is the stud posing, and he’s half Italian and half French Canadian.   Means he likes soccer and has a big healthy sexual appetite.   So why no touchy feely?   He’s got a damn boyfriend.

Doesn’t mean we can’t look though.   LOL

spread open buttocks

I’ll admit it, from the back I want to do a bit more than just gawk.  Like fuck just look at that nice butthole.  Like it is begging for a nice big boner to stretch it out, and stuff the insides.

And what about that sac?  Like those eggs must be filled to the brim with cum the way they are hanging down so much.  I mean mine hang low, but not like that.  Just gaze at the way the skin is being pulled down by those precious sperm factories of his.

naked hunk

horned up


All I can say is what a lucky son of a bitch his boyfriend is.  I sure as fuck hope he appreciates that lovely uncut cock, as much as I do.   I suppose just staring is okay, but I’d not mind having a small taste of that penis.  I bet it even smells nice.  Full of that aroma of testosterone, of sweat, of maybe even some left over spunk.   Damn, there I go again, letting my imagination get the better of me.

Guess just watching is more than okay, if it can get me worked up.  ( Now I just gotta find where I left that bottle of lube, and I’ll be set for some more cock gazing and fantasizing. )


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