Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Unwrapping Some Tasty Polish Sausage

uncut cock

I wonder if Robert is living in a Polish section of town?  He sure seems to feature a fair number of Polish men, which is interesting.  I mean they have such nice uncut dicks, and oodles of lovely stretchable foreskin, that it just can’t help but get a guy a bit heated up.  

Like Thom Braski here.

Polish nude male

I know some will be in shock, but there is more to a guy than just how much foreskin he has, or how much it can be stretched.   Now don’t shoot me, but there are other things, that kind of help make me appreciate those lovely folds of flesh even more.  Things like the face.

Something about Thom’s face and his stare, has me trembling just a wee bit.  I mean it is so intense, so daring really, that it just makes me want to know more, and yes, see a damn bit more.

fit body

firm buttocks


Honestly, Thom isn’t what I’d call hung, now would you?   But does that even matter with that kind of body?  Just look at it, the nice flat washboard stomach.  Bet you could bounce a quarter off it, if he was laying down.

And that buttocks. I mean that is what I’d call a nice ‘fuckable’ ass, wouldn’t you?

Like he isn’t covered in hair, and looks almost like an adult version of twink, with that smooth body of his.  The thighs look so powerful, and those perfect butt cheeks just make a guy drool, imagining spreading them apart, and becoming more intimate with what’s between them.

Course the crowning glory is that nice and tasty uncut cock.

pulling on his foreskin

Seems someone is also a fan of seeing just how far that foreskin will stretch.  Nice pubes too, and all natural, which is what I like.  Now tell me you wouldn’t enjoy some personal time with him, and that foreskin?

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