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Honestly, sometimes when you just see or hear the name of a guy, your interest is suddenly heightened.  Like for me, seeing the name “Callum” got me curious.  I can’t explain it, but damn, it made me want to open up the promo content to take a gander, and ya know, I am glad I did.



Personally if a guy is taller than me, I find it awkward, but damn, there is something erotic about a nice lanky figure stretched out on the bed, with a beautiful uncut penis, that just makes it all worthwhile. 

Like there is more to savor, to relish that just makes the sex a bit more fun.  Specially if the guy is rather active, and hell, that is Callum, or so Blake says.  From what I’ve seen, I think I’ll agree. I mean he just looks, acts like, he is full of fun and energy, which means the sex isn’t gonna be boring.

I hate boring sex, but when they are tall, slender, and active, that is a mix I can get right into. Now 7” of uncut manhood is just the right size too, but honestly, it kind of looks a tad bigger than that.  It’s also a nice fat cock, which I do love.  ( Those long skinny dicks don’t really do much for me, nice, but I much prefer a cock that is shorter, but damn thick.  Makes for more pleasure, for me anyhow )

I love a nice accent, along with a smiling face. It just makes the whole fantasy thing more real, more exciting.  Now excuse me, I gotta get a new cum rag.  LOL

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If you want to see more of Callum’s pictures, check out the photo galleries at Adult Text Stories.

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