Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Lots of Foreskin to Stretch with Jasper

Short and right to the point, Jasper Ronski  ( yes, another Polish model from Fantastic Foreskin ) has a lot of foreskin, that just is perfect for some playful stretching.


So being rather perverse, have you ever pulled on a guy’s foreskin, stretching it way out and down, to see just how far it’ll stretch?   Honestly, have you gotten it past his thigh, or are there guys where the foreskin just goes on for ever?

Like come on, aren’t you even a bit curious to know if you can get it down to his knees?  ( okay, I am bad, but hey, its one of those days.  Plus, a guy’s gotta have fun, don’t you think? )


DISCLAIMER : No models were harmed in this stretching exercise. All volunteered willingly to have their foreskin played with, and fully stretched, in the interests of perverse delights.

You know, those who truly appreciate the male penis, understand that it just isn’t about the sex, but about enjoying the natural gift given to some lucky few.  I mean honestly, a guy can enjoy a nice uncut cock without having to get off.

Course, that might be well and good for a eunuch, but I am a horny bitch, so I’ll stick to busting a nut, while enjoying that tasty looking polish sausage of Jasper’s.

Enjoy More Uncut Meat  @Fantastic Foreskin

pulling on his foreskin

More of Jasper's Uncut Penis

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