Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Now He Is Cute, Spike Hair and All


Frankly this is the whole problem with Porn today. It just isn’t consistent enough in the type of guys they showcase.  I mean Blake Mason has some awesome guys, and then it has the likes of Max Moore and Trey Mathews.  David Johnson is one of those awesome types, and for a hip dude, he’s pretty good looking.

Too bad he is straight, don’t you think?  LOL



Now according to Blake, he is a warehouse operative.  Like what the hell is that?  Stock boy or does he work a forklift? With that eight inch uncut willie,  he can come stock my shelves anytime, and call himself whatever he wants.

Other Details on David

  • He is just 21 years old
  • Has lovely blue eyes
  • His waist is 32
  • Has a nice smooth & defined body
  • Stands 6’ 1”
  • Leaves his pubic hairs naturally, no trimming.

You gotta admit, that’s one nice package of a twink.  Kind of makes up for the earlier release, which is why I guess I keep on trolling the site.  I mean you just never know what will show up, and hey, you do find some good gems, even if they might be straight.

Still, it won’t stop my dreams about turning him, and I bet it won’t stop yours either.

I do love that British Accent. I mean it just adds such charm to it all, and did you catch a glimpse of that lovely ass of his?  I mean fuck, I’d love to be playing with that.  Bet his ‘girlfriend’ doesn’t know the first thing about rimming, or how to really please a treasure like David.

Guess we know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight.  Ten to One, it’ll be a nice wet dream too.  lol

Find more Gems  @Blake Mason

hot twink with eight inch uncut cock

David Johnson photo gallery

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