Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

I’d rather pin him on my bed, not the wall

bel ami boy

Early this month, Bel Ami put out another of their famous “pin ups” and ya know, at first I wasn’t overly excited by Val Feretti.  But he’s kind of grown on me.

Taking a closer look at his pictures, he is a typical Bel Ami boy. I mean he’s got a nice body to him, not a rack of bones, though in Val’s case, a little bit less muscular. A nice face and lovely smooth torso.

Course, he’s uncut and well hung, but I think he suits the setting.  It certainly has me thinking of him out back in my garden, and I love the way you get to see how he blends in with being outdoors.  Hell, aren’t most Bel Ami boys suited for being outdoors.  Just one more plus for Bel Ami. I mean, don’t you get awfully tired of seeing that same bed used over and over again at some membership sites?  I sure do.

I like to let my imagination wander, and when the settings vary, well that just means I have more material for my fantasies.  That makes for a good one on one action with my own cock, which is what sites like Bel Ami are supposed to do.   Problem is, not many do that and those that do, well, Bel Ami is still the class they all follow.

Val Feretti picture collection

Looking at that lovely uncut cock, I can only imagine how good it would feel sliding down my throat, or in my ass.  Not sure I’d relish every single inch, given how thick it is at the base, but hell, by then I’d be in hog heaven.  Nice pubes too, and such a gorgeous ass.  Firm and luscious looking, that a guy just wants to bend him over, and give him a super hot rim job.  Then, well, I think you know what comes next.  lol

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pin up model Val's photo gallery

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