Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Now that’s a bottom who loves his position

getting stuffed face to face

Jake Lyons was merely passing thru on a vacation, or something like that.  He found himself with his legs in the air, getting stuffed by Brez Wild from Blake Mason, and captured all on video.   Now that’s what I’d call taking in the sights, wouldn’t you?

Personally, I am not a fan of Brez, but that cutie Jake has me grinning while reaching for the bottle of lubricant.  I mean he is a hottie, and he is very set in his ways.  He says he’s a bottom, and that’s that.   Nice to see a young fella who knows what he wants, and not only goes for it, but sticks to his guns.  No doubt, he’s got the ass to prove his claim to being a insatiable bottom bitch.

nude picture collectionNow Brez has been featured many times, and ya know, he just doesn’t do much for me.  It isn’t that he’s ugly or homely, just that I don’t get very excited by him, even though he has a nice uncut penis.   Now Jake, well he certainly got my attention.

To begin with, he’s more fit looking, and I love his face. Those eyes just seem to make a guy melt, when he is looking. And he’s built nicely, well proportioned in all departments. He’s from America and is a student.

Remember when kids from North America would all head over to Europe, to backpack around seeing all the sites?  That was when it was affordable to travel, and there were tons of youth hostels to shelter those young heart throbs at night.  Course they were usually at some party or shin dig, but those were the days of free love, of openness despite the Iron Curtain.   Now things sure are different.

Jake is blessed with a tasty 7½ inch uncut tool, while Brez has a solid 8 inch uncut monster.  Give him his due, he (Brez) does know how to use that uncut cock, which is why Jake may have been attracted to him.  After all, he is a demanding bottom, or so he says.

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