Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Unshaved, Lean, and lots of stretchable Foreskin

solo with sex toy

Wouldn’t you love to have that greet you every morning?

Ethan Roberts has that 30 something look to him. You know, the fashionable unshaven face, the lean face and body.  There is something sensual about a guy who has a bit of a rough look to him. Not too certain if it is due to those whiskers or just the way his whole body looks.  Course, that lovely uncut penis plays a role, but until you get him naked, something has to draw your eye, your desire.

Don’t you love the crystal clear photography of this site? I mean hell, you can even see the lint on his undies, and look at that foreskin. While my personal choice is younger men, it is the photography of tasty uncut meat that always gets my attention. This site does that, in my view.

Don’t you just love that curve in his dick? The way the foreskin folds over the cock head, with just the little slit peeking out.  I mean, can’t you just kick back, grab some lube, and imagine the pleasure you would have, making that foreskin tighten, reveal more of that tasty pink head?

playing with his foreskin

hanging low

playing with his cock head

comparing the toy with the real thing

If it was me, I’d opt for the real thing. 

Sure, sex toys are great for times alone, but damn, I’d much rather play with the real thing.  Mind you that is one hefty big dick, when you put is side by side with that blue dick.    Question is, is that a dildo or a sleeve?

Frankly, I don’t care if he is playing with a dildo, or using a cock sleeve. I just want to enjoy staring at all that lovely foreskin Ethan has. I mean, that’s what has me drooling a bit. Now some may enjoy a guy with hairy legs, and a bit on the belly.  Some may even enjoy the rough feel of whiskers on the face, but for me, Ethan’s attractiveness is the foreskin.

Just being able to stare at that cock, with the foreskin slightly pulling back, just barely revealing the cock head, has me thinking of past dates, of past moments. That in turn has me reaching for the lube, and so isn’t that just what these sites should be accomplishing?

Works for me.

showing some head

More Foreskin Stretching  @Fantastic Foreskin

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