Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Now cooking in the kitchen, hot uncut men

full sex meal in the kitchen

I have way too many glass dishes and pots, to even think about doing one of my dates in the kitchen.  Besides, my counters are rather small, and not as smooth as what Dominic and Tony have.   I mean I’ve fucked on granite before, marble too, and I gotta say, it’s rather slippery.  Damn cold too, but hey, turn up the heat, right? LOL

When you are horny, does it matter what room you are in?  I know Manny prefers a bed, but then he’s got a sore back.  I am much more fit than him, and I don’t give a damn if it’s the floor, bed, or standing up.  As long as I get what I want, it don’t matter where.  And I want UNCUT cocks.

Can you imagine coming home after work, all stressed out and in need of some TLC?  And you go into the kitchen, and there he is, an evening drink all ready, along with a special cocktail?   I’d be down to my all together in no time.  Wouldn’t you?  Hey, Tony is rather cute.

some cock fondling

sucking his dick

ass drilling

ass pounding sex

Gotta say, that both of these guys are a bit on the old side ( for me, but not unattractive either ), but they both have some nice uncut cocks.  Yes, I am like many old crocks, I like the more youthful type of guys, but then, the real taste isn’t for how old they are ( or aren’t ) but if they have nice uncut penises.  Sure a nice fit young twink can get me horny, but not 100% of the time.

Only thing that truly works for me, is a nice uncut cock.  Guaranteed to get my dick hard and throbbing, is the vision of a nice uncut penis.  Well a cock blowing its head off is another, but first, it needs to be uncut.  LOL

hard throbbing uncut penises


blowing his jizz

Thing is, least in the kitchen it is easy to clean up the mess.  No laundry to do, no beds to strip.  I think I could really get into the whole Sex in the Kitchen scene.   How about you?

Horny Brits Blowing Their Loads  @Blake Mason

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