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Someone Has a Hairy Asshole

uncut UK amateurs

Now can you guess which one of these has a super hairy butt?    Think it is the more rough looking dude with all those Tattoos, or is it that round faced innocent looking one to the left?

I mean both of them are rather smooth looking, so until you go down a bit further, ain’t no way you gonna guess who is the hairy beast, or for that matter, who is the one who will be the Bottom Bitch for this little tryst.   Wager anyone on who it will be?  LOL

Dan Jenkins is the one with the tats on the right, Leroy is the one on the left with the sideburns.

blow job

butt pounding

To be honest, I am rather disappointed in this release from Blake Mason.  I mean, come on they are supposed to be noted for Uncut UK Amateurs, and okay, not everyone is uncut.  Still, how about showing the uncut cock so we can see more than a flash of it, as it goes into Mister Hairy Butt-hole?

Geez, I am starting to sound like Sid, but let’s be real here. I want to be turned on, not Off.  I want to get excited and maybe pull my wallet out, but how can I if all I get is an endless run of the same action?  Offer uncut cocks, then at least give me one decent photograph of that beautiful uncut penis.

Seems to me that perhaps someone needs to wake up the guys over at Blake Mason. I mean it is the same old story line every bloody release lately.  Now I don’t know, some of them are awfully cute.

Now I really am gonna sound like Sid.   Can we say BORING!

You would think that they could spurge for some new bedsheets and add a splash of color, or something to liven it up. I mean if you go watch a Bel Ami video, they are always full of color, lots of beautiful color and lots of tasty uncut cocks.  I mean I’ve seen guys suck cock, get fucked, but how is this gonna make me want to bust a nut.

More importantly, how is this gonna make me reach for my credit card?   IT ISN’T !

It is a shame really, because they have some damn hot guys.  I think maybe Blake is becoming tired. Maybe he needs a vacation?

cum facial

I like a nice cum facial, but uh, this is a bit anemic for me.  Maybe there is just too much gray stuff and it sort of dulls the impact of a guy getting a load of cum on his face.  I just don’t know, but I think I’ll wait to see the next few updates before I jump ship, or who knows, get my lust for these UK guys, back.

Get More (if you want) Uncut UK Men  @Blake Mason

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