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Damn He’s Gotten Better Looking

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sexy young twinkBilly Cotton grows on a guy, but that Adam Archuleta certainly has toned up quite a bit since I last saw any pictures of him. I mean he’s really toned his body up and no longer has that puffy look to him.  It even looks like he’s grown a bit taller.

More importantly, that new svelte look of his, well it just makes that tasty uncut dick of his, look a damn sight bigger too.  And I can get into that.

Every time I go looking at other sites, for sexy uncut young men, I usually wind up finding a few, but never a whole slew of them.

The other sites have some good looking studs, but it usually a big mix of guys that turn me on, and a lot who simply turn me right off.

Honestly, I rarely find myself unable to bust a nut, when I am viewing my Bel Ami boy pictures.

It is like, they just automatically know the kind of young man, that has the right stuff to get viewers horny, and ready for some hard stroking.

Take yesterday, the way Grant went off because of the sub standard photo set he found. I agree that those sure didn’t look like twinks, but I’ve never had that happen to me, when checking out a Bel Ami releases.  And unlike Grant, I am a bit more difficult to please.   Go Figure, huh?

cock sucking

sucking and stroking

swallowing his whole cock

One of the reasons I enjoy guys like Adam so much, is their ability to show how much they enjoy doing what they do. Which is ” Having Sex “.   Way too many guys online look bored, uninterested in anything but finishing the shoot.  With the boys from Bel Ami, I don’t get that feeling.

Instead I see young men who seem to enjoy being with their partner. They laugh, joke around, and are smiling more than not. Plus they can give a look, that just is like arrows piercing a guy’s heart. They are that cute, in my mind.  And that leads to some great jerk off moments for me.

Isn’t that the whole purpose of porn sites?  To make your jerk off experience enjoyable?

hot rim job

Gonna have to pass this photo on to Seymour. He just loves a good rimming, and Adam seems to be doing what I’d call a Stellar Job of it. I mean come on, he’s got his face buried right in there, as he works his tongue on Billy’s pucker hole.  Judging by the look on Billy’s face, I’d say he was right into it.

Like who wouldn’t like to have Adam rimming their pucker hole?

ass pounding

ass drilling

Admit it, other sites show you pictures like this, and it’s ‘eh okay.  Something about how Bel Ami shoots its photos, that always seem crisper, clearer, and that makes for a good bit of eye candy.  Hey, I need a good visual stimulation to get my dick throbbing.

No, its not an age thing either. It is just that I am not lucky enough to get me a good live stud like an Adam, or a Billy, or a Josh or… well the list goes on, doesn’t it?

I do get to have them all, in my little daydreams and odd night time fantasies, which is why I make a big deal out of these young guys. They are what keep me sane, dealing with stupid neighbors, idiot by-laws and so on. Hell, it even makes filling up the gas tank more bearable, if I think about a hottie like Adam and his thick throbbing uncut dick spewing his spunk all over.

Billy gets a cum facial from Adam

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