Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Gourmet Cooking in the Bel Ami Kitchen

cooking up some sex stew I do love a bit of morning fun in the kitchen, unlike Seymour, I love having someone to get rid of my morning wood.  After all, isn’t Breakfast the most important meal of the day?  LOL

Now I don’t know if these two horny Bel Ami boys are there in the morning or afternoon, but who cares?

These two bring a whole new meaning to Cooking In The Kitchen, and I have to say, I only wish I was half as athletic as Jack Harrer and Marco Bill.   What they do in that tiny little kitchen is just, well fucking super.

stroking Marco's dick

giving him a blow job

Typical Bel Ami boys, aren’t they? I mean both of them have some pretty damn big uncut dicks, and they do seem to be enjoying themselves.  Hell, wouldn’t you if you had a partner that had such a beautiful uncut penis?

That is one well stocked kitchen.

Wish when I had bought my place, it had come that well stocked.  I’d have settle for just one helping of uncut cock, at the ready, but hell, I wouldn’t have objected if both of them came with the place.  I think I’d be spending a lot of time in the Kitchen.


hot tongue fucking

stuffing his ass

drilling his butt hole

Next time I manage to scrape up enough cash, and get myself a “date” I think I am gonna have to try that rimming position. I mean it is perfect, don’t you think?

His legs are spread far apart, those lovely firm cheeks are naturally open, and hey, a nice hard cock and full balls, are dangling well in reach.   All I need to do, is get underneath, poke my head between his legs and dive right in.

You just know that with him in that position, you are gonna get your tongue way inside his pucker hole.  How he’ll manage to hold up, once the tongue gets working his crack and hole, is beyond me.  IF that was me straddling the two counters, I’d fall down once the tongue started working its magic.

Hey, I may be limber, but I ain’t no spring chicken.

reaching for that sweet spot

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