Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Foreskin is a built in Sex Toy

sexy Brazillian hunkHe may not look like a twink, but he does certainly capture my attention.

I don’t think there is one thing specially that does, though if I was hard pressed, I’d say that face, that look got me at first. Then too there is that body of his. I mean it is rather well built.  Kind of like his rippling stomach, don’t you?

Or perhaps it was his idea that his foreskin is a built in sex toy.

I never really thought about that aspect of having foreskin, that it could be just like a sex toy.

Now I know I enjoy having some fun playing with a guy’s foreskin, as a warm up to the rest, but never thought that when they are alone, that they too would find it just as thrilling.

Thanks to Robert Chalmers for finding this guy, who has given me some fresh thoughts for a good old fashioned wank.  ( Hey, that’s what I do, when I am horny, and without success in finding a hot guy to enjoy.  Don’t you?  LOL  )

Besides, if you really think about it, who needs some of those toys, when you can pull and stretch your own foreskin, to feel the way you like? You are in total control, just like you had a toy, though I would think adding a dildo to the fun, would be helpful.

playing with himself

covering his cock head

getting himself aroused

When I manage to luck out, and find me a nice uncut man, I am the one who seems to do a lot of the playing with the foreskin, but now, I think perhaps I’ll let them do it.

Hey who else knows what works better, than the owner of that lovely tasty piece of skin?

And that means they’ll be even more horned up, for when I get to go down and suck on that lovely exposed cock head.

Better yet, to have them suit up and drive that lovely uncut dick into my butt hole.

Besides all that, just watching them play with their foreskin, has to be a major turn on. I am already licking my lips, imagining what it would be like, to be in the bedroom, watching someone like Gabriel playing with his foreskin, then reaching out to get my share of the pleasure.

grabbing an uncut cock

Foreskin Fondling  @Fantastic Foreskin

Tasty Hooded Wonders  @Fantastic Foreskin

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