Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

He is cute but cut, but his buddy is uncut

hot Brits

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Now I like uncut dicks, and Trey (one on the right) has a nice 8 inch uncut dick, while his buddy Reece has 7½ inches, but he is cut.  Yet for me, Trey looks too angry, but Reece has a cuteness about him, that sort of gets me a bit horny…   except for being cut.  lol

It is the age old problem, which is more important to my enjoyment of these guys?  Is it the cute look or whether the penis is cut or not? I can forgive a lot, like perhaps a bit of flab around the gut, or even a chubby face, or a just so so body, if the dick is hooded.  But what if the guy just isn’t appealing in appearance?   Does having a nice long thick uncut cock make up for that flaw?

cock sucking

tasting his cock

sucking each others cocks

I do like sucking dick, but I also enjoy some foreplay.

For me, I like to play with a guy’s foreskin a bit, to cuddle, caress, and all that stuff.  Not seeing too much of that with these guys, and if I think about it, I don’t see much of it, when one is what I call Unattractive, though they act like they are God’s gift.   Trey sort of gives me that impression, that he thinks he is all that.

Kind of shows in how he sucks on Reece’s cut dick.  Like it is beneath him to do that, but he will, simply because he wants to pound that nice cute ass.

ass pounding

Even with having a cut dick, I am impressed by Reece, more than Trey.

He doesn’t seem to be, boring, or doing things by the numbers.  I bet he is hot in bed, and okay, I’d miss my fun playing with the foreskin, but there are his nipples, and he does have one very nice butt.  Wonder if he is into rimming?   That could be fun with him.

Uncut Cocks Pounding Tight Arses  @ Blake Mason

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