Admiring the Penis, in it's natural uncut state

Long haired, uncut, and damn sexy looking

sexy long haired young man

Just staring at him, has me stiff as a fucking steel rod.

I mean I adore men with nice flowing long hair, and a long muscled body.  Even that tattoo doesn’t disappoint me, and look at those nice long legs of his.  Can’t you just imagine them wrapped around your body?

Perhaps I should start making my Christmas List of Men I Want in my bed, err stocking.  LOL

I think Mickey would be near the top of that list.  He has such a nice uncut dick too.  The way it just lays there, drooping a bit, waiting for someone to come along and wake it up.

hard uncut penis

Now that is such a lovely penis.

Boy would I love to wrap my lips around that long awesome cock, after some foreskin stretching perhaps.  Hey, a guy likes to play a little first, and I bet it would stretch nicely.

Wouldn’t mind sucking on those little eggs of his either. I mean I bet they would taste good.  But that cock shaft, all those veins sticking out, is what has my eyes bugging out.  The way the foreskin is still not fully retracted, not totally tight over the cock.  It looks just so fucking tasty, don’t you think?

nice puckker hole ripe for stuffing

Now who wants to lean in, give him a nice hot kiss, while they wedge their cock up into that open pucker hole?  Like fuck man, that has me oozing already, and I can’t find the fucking cum rag.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter, I ain’t a shooter, more of a dribbler.

But damn it, I’d love to be in that room, and offering him my services to stuff that tasty pucker hole.

Plus his face looks so, will it looks like he sure would like some special attention. Like a nice hot kiss, with a nice quick thrust in.  Hell, I bet he’d go wild with a good rim job.

heavy load of jizz

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